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Eddie Hernandez, Jr.

Director of Operations

Eddie Hernandez, Jr.

Meet Eddie, who has been with OneSource Virtual Assistance since 2023.

He has been an integral part of leading the pack as Director of Operations. With 18 years of solid experience in management and operations across various fields, Eddie brings a steadfast commitment to excellence to his role.

Eddie thrives on building a team environment that's all about collaboration and growth. He's a mentor who leads by example, guiding any team he leads with empathy and motivation to bring out their best.

He has a sharp eye for efficiency and optimization, and has spearheaded numerous initiatives to streamline processes and boost productivity. His ability to foresee and address challenges, both present and potential, has earned him the trust and respect of clients and colleagues alike.

He is deeply committed to the well-being of all team members, and the satisfaction of his clients. His strong communication skills and genuine care for others make him a respected leader who inspires trust and confidence. He has a boundless enthusiasm and willingness to tackle challenges head-on, making him a key player to the teams and clients that we serve.

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