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Paisley Lang

Social Media Manager

Paisley Lang

With over a decade of administrative and management experience, Paisley brings extensive knowledge and skills to OneSource Virtual Assistance.

Starting as an Administrative Assistant in 2023, she quickly advanced to Social Media Manager, showcasing her versatility and leadership skills. Paisley's background includes pivotal roles in guiding non-profits and private clients towards achieving their objectives, with exceptional administrative, analytical, and client communication skills tailored to C-level engagements.

Paisley's dedication shines through in crafting engaging content and fostering meaningful connections online. With a keen eye for creativity and storytelling, she excels in producing captivating posts, graphics, and videos across various platforms, ensuring alignment with each client's unique voice, values, and vision.

Driven by data and insights, Paisley meticulously tracks and analyzes key metrics to measure campaign effectiveness and form future strategies, staying ahead of industry trends with her passion for positive change and adept branding. She consistently strives for excellence and deeply values our clients' satisfaction.

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