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Dr. Nicky Silver

Dr. Nicky Silver

Chiropractor & Conscious Living Coach

I feel so so lucky and grateful to have been working with Lisa for the last few years.  Many aspects of technology challenge me and Lisa has filled in so many of the blanks making my life manageable and productive.  Lisa has so much knowledge about technology and when she doesn't know something she researches it so we can go over it the next session.  That is, she's terribly responsive.

In addition to the technical work, Lisa is a great editor. Many times we've gone over writings that I’ve done and her suggestions have been invaluable.  Lisa is not only smart but she’s wise beyond her years. She’s extremely savvy and has a good pulse on marketing skills.  She is incredibly sweet and terrifically patient. She’s easy to work with and her values and ethics are impeccable.

Besides getting these tasks done, I’m more knowledgeable about social media, and feel more confident working within my accounting program, thanks to her. Not only that, but she has been able to put together and format documents for me as well when needed.

I so highly recommend Lisa to help you in your business needs.

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